When it comes to DJing, Scottify's DJs are a crowd favourite with superb delivery that never disappoints. As open format DJs; each with over 2 decades of experience mixing many styles of music, they can entertain during all parts of your event.


In addition to this, our goal as Scottify Productions is to produce a live soundtrack for your entire event. Such as Weddings and Corporate events.


Our DJ services go beyond the dance at the end of your reception. Duties start and includes mixed music for the gathering of a ceremony, for Cocktail hour, for the duration of a reception and more. We ride the music and it's levels for hours at a time. We mix speeches and background music together to create a seamless ongoing musical journey. We care about being 'in the moment' and reacting musically to the nuances and vibe of every event. And then, we flip the switch for the dance and something special usually happens. 


In addition to Weddings, we do corporate and school events.


We DJ. We don't simply play songs. We mix, create live mashups, scratch and take great care in the art entertaining as a DJing. We create something unique for your party, through our 
Mixlist Portal
- which clients get access to.pick as music music as they like!


Furthermore, here at Scottify, we offer a top-notch variety of sound and lighting packages, a stylish DJ booth and other 'a-la carte' audio / visual solutions too.


Want to make your event look and sound amazing? We've got you covered!


Learn more about our founder, Scott





Our battery powered LED uplights can go anywhere and transform spaces!


When the party starts, we light up the dancefloor.


Draw more attention to your Grand Entrances and First Dance.  

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