How much will a Toronto Wedding DJ cost

A popular search on Google, when it comes to getting married in the GTA, is 'how much does a Toronto Wedding DJ Cost'?

Many people are searching for an affordable wedding DJ in Toronto when researching a wedding DJ for hire.

Navigating the average Toronto Wedding DJ cost is daunting. If you spend too little what will the quality be like? Is a professional DJ service out of your budget? What risks are involved? What extra service is provided? The list of questions goes on. Many couples know their budget and the type of DJ service and music they expect. The size of your wedding determines how much your DJ will cost too. Small weddings need less equipment and therefore cost less.

Your wedding reception only happens once so don't look back and remember how bad it was.

So, a scale from $500 up to $3500 is realistic, depending on your needs and the service you require.

At Scottify Events, our packages range from $900 to $1400 (taxes included - before seasonal or promotional discounts). In addition to this, these prices can vary depending on your needs. We include a wireless mic and unlimited consultations to make sure your reception is exactly how you plan it. Also, we give you access to our Song Selector for Playlist creation with over 12000 songs to pick from and where you create your own wedding playlists!


As you research how much will a Toronto Wedding DJ cost, make sure you consider more than the fee. Can they deliver a professional package as well as an exceptional mix of music? We are confident that Scottify Events can provide you with everything you need. We want to hear from you.

Please connect with us at or call 416 729 1973 for more details. If you prefer, you can message us on Facebook.

You have many options to choose from.We hope this information will help you make a decision.

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