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Scottify Events is more than just DJ Services. We're switching things up Toronto.

By definition DJ Services is the action of DJ'ing for someone. So, if that is the case - are you going to allow the DJ to tell you what you are going to hear?

You see, there is a difference in a Club DJ and an Event DJ. Both should be able to light up a crowd and both are providing a service but at the club - you don't go there to tell the DJ what to play. You don't go there and expect the DJ to bring their own lights and speakers and set it all up. You go there to just have fun and enjoy whatever the DJ is playing because you know they have a good reputation right? But you are only paying a door fee to get into the club.

But when you book a DJ for an Event - and you are paying good money for them - you should expect them to be able to offer speakers, lights, microphones and to DJ for you for a lot of hours. They are providing a service to you. But at Scottify we taking it a stage further.

Of course we can provide you with a complete DJ package. But when you book us to provide you with DJ Services - we are also giving you total control of the music. We do not take requests during the event because we want you and all your guests to enjoy the night but we give you the keys to our on-line Playlist Creator weeks before your event. This gives you the chance to pick songs that you want us to play. You want to dance right? So you want the DJ to play your favourite songs. We mix your playlists at your party. You can login, create custom playlists from our library, requests songs we don't have and work with us to make sure you get the right mix of music at your event. You can pick all the songs, or a couple. It is up to you!

So don't 'hope' your Event DJ will play good music. Make sure your Event DJ will MIX your favourite music!

VIDEO TUTORIAL - Click here to watch our 5 minute demo on using the Playlist Creator.

Want access? Contact us for a login.

Please connect with us at or call 416 729 1973 for more details. If you prefer, you can message us on Facebook.

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