How to use up-lights

Up-lights are one of those package add-ons that many people don't think about. Trusting that the venue will provide adequate lighting is often enough. But as we started to see, head tables would be dark, cake tables would be in the shadows and many times, seating area's too.

And in addition to this, some event spaces have so many cool walls or features that would benefit from being illuminated. So, having invested in up-lights and having seen their potential, we want to offer them to all our clients.



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We have battery powered led lights that have hours of display time and can be colour programmed by the DJ. Using these, you can draw attention to anything, anywhere!



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 In addition to these standard uses, we are big fans of 'dance mode'. With our DJ facade, they come in handy to make our DJ space look cool. Along with our Photo Booth, we are increasing the value to our clients of our packages. Up-lights are a great DJ companion and for clients with industrial spaces as their venue, you can't go wrong with adding them to your package.



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