10 Must Haves When You Search ‘DJ for Party’

Recent data from Google shows that many people search 'DJ for Party'.

But no matter what party a DJ is needed for, there are specific things an event organizer should know right away (and should ask for). After all, you want to know you are dealing with a professional company that is worth your money and will be able to deliver for you. So when you are Googling 'DJ for Party' - here's our Top 10 recommended things you should learn from any DJ or DJ company before booking.

  1. Availability. Seems obvious but double booking does happen.
  2. Equipment. Do they own professional gear that can adequately handle your event. Can you see photos of their speakers, lights etc?
  3. Reviews. What do other people say about them?
  4. Cost. Make sure there are no hidden fees, taxes or 'surprises'.
  5. Insurance. Can they provide this for your event?
  6. Back Up Plan. What happens if you book them and they get sick or injured?
  7. Music Playlists. Who gets to pick the music? You or the DJ? Can you give them a playlist?
  8. **DJ Skill**. Are you dealing with a real DJ or a person who fades songs together? Do they have mixes online for you to listen to?
  9. Contract / Agreement. Make sure you get one.
  10. Gut Check. Trust yourself. if it doesn't feel good - don't book.


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