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Scottify Events is perfect for your Wedding Reception. You have all the control for picking the music you want to hear. As we create your custom playlists, you can request songs,  pick songs from our library and when we have our consultation you can tell me what songs you do not want to hear. This avoids any awkward moments when we start to get requests from your guests.

In planning your songs (and if you are booking us to provide music throughout your reception) here are the essentials to prepare for. (edited from PopSugar)

Reception entrance:
This song should set the tone for the rest of the party as the Bride and Groom and wedding party make their way into the room. Perhaps the wedding party are set to go in before you and need their own song. The music should be upbeat and you should be having fun.

The first dance: Chances are you already have an idea of what you want. Just let us know. Or if you need help picking a song we can suggest some ideas.

Father/daughter dance: Traditionally, the father of the bride takes a spin with his daughter on the dance floor after the first dance to something personal or traditional. Similarly, some couples also have a mother/son dance or simply integrate that into the father/daughter dance at the end.

Reception music: Whether you pick all, most, or some of your dance music depends on you. We have all the music you will need for your reception party. You may want to make a Do Not Play list — a list of songs that you really don't want to hear for whatever reason (you might not want your reception to be remembered for a guest asking to bring back "The Macarena").

Cake-cutting: If you make your cake-cutting a ceremonial event, pick out an upbeat song since it is usually a cute, sweet part of the evening. (Tip: if you have a first dance song that you rule out because it's too fast-paced, it might be perfect for cake-cutting.)

Bouquet toss: For this fun part of the wedding, another upbeat song is in order, and since you're commanding the wedding's single ladies to the floor, you can go literal ("Single Ladies") or just pick another fun, romantic song. And if you choose to have a garter toss, the same rules apply.

Want to get started? Login now to start creating your weddings playlists! If you need some ideas - We've put together some songs that will keep any dancefloor full! Get them here!

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