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We are an award winning Greater Toronto and Niagara area DJ Services Provider for weddings, birthdays, corporate and youth events. The idea behind Scottify is simple. We partner with you to create custom playlists from genres that are sure to get the floor packed at your event. The playlists are a mix of music you love, music we love and music you might have forgotten that you love. The playlists are completely customized by you. We create several playlists for your event and on the night of your celebration you get to hear these songs mixed live by a DJ with real turntable skills. You pick the music playlists - you pick the DJ service you need and you get the peace of mind of knowing that your guests are going to experience an incredible night of music. If you need a DJ service for a wedding, birthday, corporate or youth event and you are within an 80km radius of Toronto - look no further than Scottify Events!

We are a new DJ service in the Greater Toronto Area and Niagara Region but we have over 20 years of foundations that are built on electronic music, chart music, worship music and event promotions. As we now focus our experience towards providing music for weddings, birthdays, corporate and youth events, through designing custom playlists with our clients, we are confident that we can deliver an exceptional audio and visual DJ package that you will be very satisfied with.

Additionally, one of our goals is to play music that will not offend anyone. All our songs are the 'clean' versions and specifically with Hip-Hop we do not play any songs that use derogatory language. The edited 'radio friendly' versions is what you will hear.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a bit about us. We look forward to speaking with you and creating the perfect playlists and DJ package for your party.


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Name: Scott Wallace | scottifyevents@gmail.com
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Address: PO Box 60072, Queen Beverly PO, 260 Queen St W, Toronto, M5V0C5
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